Dana Larson Music

Uplifting, and soothing at the same time, writer and composer Dana Larson's voice is complimented by wonderful and creative instrumentation. Optimistic, and thoughtful, slightly jazzy, slightly western pop, beautifully arranged and made with love! Dana's new album, "Desert Mermaid," is a compilation of original songs performed in her own unique style. Her songs are catchy, fun and sometimes hauntingly beautiful. One thing's for sure, when Dana hits the stage at a concert or festival near you, she will draw you into her world and you'll be sure to go home with a big smile on your face.

For bookings or information please contact:
Dana Larson
email: danalarson840@yahoo.com

"An amazing artist! Love her music!"
Pat Michaels, 107.7 Radio, Joshua Tree, CA

"This is an honest heart-felt album of extraordinary songs."
Producer Gar Robinson, Red Barn Recorders

"Dana Larson is one of the most innovative indie artists on the scene today. Her new CD is as unique as she is. Give it a listen. You'll like it!"
Brad Mercer - Host of Bands 'N Fans!

"Lovely to work with Dana. A big fan of her music!"
Dennis Moody, mix engineer

"Dana's sound reminds me of the best things from the 70's. Passion and soul"
Motti Shulman, VP of PR Atlantic Records

"Beautifully written songs with great performances from supporting musicians. Superbly recorded and produced by Gar Robertson. Dana's voice is clear and distinctive. Love it!"
Bobby Furgo - multi-instrumentalist

"Desert Mermaid"
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